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Sealskin - Soulskin and the Double Rainbow

September 18, 2016

I'm in Tathra on the far south coast of NSW. My father Damian and step-mum Nina live here, surrounded by beautiful views and glorious flora and fauna. It's springtime. I'm halfway to Earthsong Witch Camp in Victoria. And I've been 'Running The Iron Pentacle'. (for more info on this pick up a copy of 'Magic of The Iron Pentacle' by Jane Meredith and Gede Parma)


A couple of days ago I decide to take a walk through the bush that weaves out the backyard of this house and snakes down the street. Its a bunch of green, separating this house from an inlet and the Pacific Ocean, where Whales are making their way back home, waving at me as they migrate South.


So I walk through clouds of flying insects, as wattle birds zoom like fighter jets in front of me, doing air acrobatics as they spear their prey on the end of their beaks, like hairs gathering at the end of tweezers. I notice a whole court of Kangaroos grazing. They stare at me expectantly, until one decides the intruder in the bright raincoat has gotten too close and bounds away, causing their trance to break and manic hopping to ensue. I smile at them and their cute young, and keep walking through lumpy green grass. They repeat their trance-stare-hop away process a few times. It feels nice to share space with these amazing powerful creatures that I have a personal spiritual connection with. One is quite close to me, shakes its head and makes its ears flap around and hit itself in the face like two big grey face-washers. What a cutie.


I wander around, looking for a good spot to run the Iron Pentacle. Settling on a path of mostly flat dirt, I cast a circle, mark out the points, do my thing and close circle. Just as I do so, it begins to rain. Sudden weather changes when I am in circle or sacred space always make me smile. I look up and notice a huge rainbow, right above me. I can see the complete arch and I'm in the middle, right under it. I'm pretty sure I made some kind of exclamation out loud and stared at it gobsmacked. Then, to top things off it doubled. I felt like I was in that youtube video where someone freaked out over a double rainbow for ages and got all emotional. I don't know what it is about running Iron... whether it puts me in situations where i'm more likely to experience amazing natural beauty or if nature feels me walking around in a star formation and thinks to herself that she ought to reward my efforts at personal and spiritual development with breathtaking beauty...



The next day I went for a walk with Damian on the beach at sunset. It's one of those spectacular sunsets that make your heart sing as your eyes trace and swallow as many of the shapes and colours as possible. So we are walking along enjoying the sky and sand and the full moon in Pisces that is playing a silver song on the surface of the water. Next minute Damian is shouting and pointing about at the waves. First he thinks it's a dolphin until it comes really close and we realise the sleek dark shape surfing the turquoise wave is actually a seal. Now this is the first seal i've ever seen on a beach so I'm pretty impressed. Maybe it was enjoying the moonlight and the sunset as much as we were. Maybe it was catching something tasty in the high tide.


The thing that struck me about this encounter was that only the night before, I had turned (as i regularly do) to a random page in Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes book 'Women Who Run With The Wolves'. I came upon 'Sealskin Soulskin' which is a story I barely ever turn to. Her book always offers me the perfect nugget of wisdom, no matter what, yet I often end up at the same stories and this was one I hadn't visited in years.


'Nothing makes the light, the treasure stand out so well as darkness....these images of going about in and through the dark carry an age-old message that says, " do not fear 'not knowing' "...even when we've no idea of where to go, in what direction, or for how long. ' 'Sealskin Soulskin' is ALL about 'home'. 'Home' being a 'soulspace' where one gets away from the everyday and finds solitude or peace or a safe space of wildish nature and recharges the psyche.


Seems rather apt to me. I think I had to leave home to return 'home' for a while.












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