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The birth of my occult baby

May 27, 2016

It's hard to describe really, the feeling of spending 7 years on an artistic project, keeping it close to my heart and locked in my mind, then releasing it into the world to have experiences with people and a life of it's own. The closest I get is that it's like a child, out of the nest and off on adventures. I hear about what she's been up to through others. 'Oh so your tarot deck and I were hanging out in my lounge room the other night' 'Your deck came to a full moon circle with me and we all used it together' 'One of your cards started to move when I laid it out and none of the other cards would!' 'I heard about this deck from a friend of a friend' and so on....


There's SO much work for me to do now if I want to keep going down this path. Distribution and marketing and advertising and blah blah blah. Really I just kind of want to sit back and let my art do the talking and not stuff it down anyone's throat. If a deck is meant to find it's home then it will. I realize I need to find a balance between trust and surrender and pragmatism and drive. But right now, I may just take a brief rest from all of that, look back on how far I've come and listen to the stories of how my baby is travelling so far.

I've heard from people who I don't know that recognise their closest friends in the images. Some people have received a deck unexpectedly from someone and have had it make their day after a tough time. One  person really did see a card move while yet another person had things fall from shelves in their house and felt presences around them while reading, only to book me for a reading and to find that I pulled the same cards they themselves had pulled. Many people have been absorbed into the images without knowing their meanings and some have been inspired to learn. Children have picked up my card in cafes and asked me for each one 'who is this?'. Some cards (like the chariot)  make people smile. A member of the life drawing class I modeled at today likened the images to Bill Henson's work. Many people have remarked on how they enjoy seeing brave nude figures in all shapes and sizes. Some people seem confronted while others are overjoyed.


So, when I think 'Where to now?' the message that comes is 'rest and observe'.

Here's to that.







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