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Readings,1:1 Counselling and Kink-Rituals

Tarot Readings:


15 minute reading

- $30

30 minute reading


1 hour


1 hour and 30 minutes


In person or long distance via email, skype, fb chat and


Precious Object Readings

This method of reading has been passed down to me through generations of women, and involves the client bringing 7 precious and portable objects with them to the reading. At this stage all these readings are done in person only.


They take roughly an hour and cost $80

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Holisitc Counselling and Complimentary Therapies


Single Session, 60 mins  - $120
Pack of 6 - $600

Either in person or via skype. 


Kink Rituals

For one person, couples, larger relationship configurations and groups/events.
Contact for more info.


For further questions or to book email august8wolff@gmail.com

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What people have to say about working with me

"August Wolff is a gentle, beautiful, and inspiring healer, facilitator, as well as educator who possesses the qualities of patience, magic, and intuition. It was a pleasure attending their Sex and Tarot class where I uncovered new insights about my Strengths and Challenges - sexually and as a person. Through the sessions and guidance received, I am able to better understand the small steps needed to move forward with my life. The process has been gentle, yet profound at the same time. One can expect to be well supported and lovingly handled through the work with August Wolff. I would recommend this workshop and also the services of August Wolff to others."

- Dr. Martha Tara Lee, Relationship Counselor and Clinical Sexologist of Eros Coaching

"August Wolff's Sex and the Tarot course is a rich dive into the unconscious - playing with archetypes, creativity and magick. August brings clear joyful intention while offering exciting processes and invitations to the group and each of its members. The online format worked surprisingly well, allowing for connection and self revelation from the comfort of your home. Tarot cards from Wolff's Cartomancy served as a great tool for visualisation, self enquiry and internal shift. From my own workings and from the sharings of others, I took away a greater appreciation of sexuality as a multifaceted whole which embraces love, lust, art, compassion and self expression and also, courage and inspiration to step further into my own capacity for receptivity and sensitivity."

- Carin