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Weekly Tarot Reading with Wolff's Cartomancy

by Daily Tarot Girl

Daily Tarot Girl does weekly tarot readings. Here is one for April 10 - 16 (2017) using my deck. Gives you a glimpse into how it is to use this deck. And there's a cute kitty!

Review of Wolff's Cartomancy by Daily Tarot Girl

Daily Tarot Girl speaks about what she loves about 'Wolff's Cartomancy' while showing the cards on film. Great way to get a sense of the deck without holding it yourself!

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Click the image to listen to my interview on Triple J radio on BDSM as healing. From Sunday September 8, 2018.


Click the image to preview and purchase the book 'The Beauty of Real' by NY photographer Jamie Hankin, featuring the  modelling work and words of myself and others. created in 2012.

Click the image to read the interview with Our Queer Art


Click for the Retro Rehash radio interview about my tarot deck, aired around the launch of the deck and just before the big exhibition, August 2016. For specific tarot talking bits check out 51mins- 56mins and 107 mins - 116 mins


Click the image to see the video 'a coal free future is possible' by Greenpeace, featuring bodypainting by myself and Lucas Yuwaganit Li.


A blog post by artistic collaborator, photographer and camera assistant Mike Stacey. His tale of the day we shot the Devil tarot card and more.
Click the image to read more


Queer Tarot Cards
This social art project by Florence Rockwell includes tarot cards and interviews of queer folks, with a bonus flirty interview about my own tarot deck. The transcription provided includes words by myself as well as other models featured in the image of the 3 of cups.