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August Wolff

Who Am I?

I'm a qualified holistic counsellor and complimentary therapist.

I'm an artist, kink witch and interpersonal explorer.

I'm passionate about finding creative ways to increase connection to self, other and environment.

And I'm here to make the world more sex and body positive  by supporting others to be powerfully embodied, whole-hearted and free of shame.

Contact me to find out about 1:1 sessions, workshops and courses.


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Holistic Counselling

Client focussed
Strength based
Trauma informed
LGBTQIA+ friendly
Complimentary Therapies
Art and Colour therapy
Gendlin Focussing
Ericksonian Hypnosis


Sex and Body positive
Consent and Communication
Education on Kink, BDSM and Ethical Non-Monogamy
Erotic ritual
Intimacy and deep relating
Relationship Mapping

Erotic art


Tarot and divination
Land based magic and activism
Animal, Spirit, Ancestor and Deity work
Cyclical workings
Ecstatic devotion
Energy work

Major Arcana

View the art that makes up the 22 trump cards of 'Wolff's Cartomancy - a photographic tarot journey'.